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Amity Solutions provides medical transcription services to MT companies, hospitals and individual doctors. Our MT operations conform to the highest international quality standards. Our quality control guidelines are based on those of AAMT (American Association of Medical Transcriptionists). We believe that our constant commitment to quality and our ability to keep abreast of the changing roles in partnerships for health information management can assist our clients to move towards the goal of perfecting patient care documentation                        
  Medical Coding Services
  Amity provides efficient and knowledgeable ICD-9 and CPT coding services by a team of trained skillful medical coders. It is our assurance that every claim is coded in a timely and accurate manner through a multiple stage workflow process. Working in tandem with and drawing from our vast medical transcriptions experience our coders review every created report to ensure completeness and accuracy. This unique service ensures maximum return of revenue and protects against fraud and abuse.
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