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  CV Screening
  Often times, recruiters are bombarded with CV's when they advertise on Job Boards thus, the recruiters have to a pain staking amount of time in filtering those CV's. Most recruiters often find that 90% of the CV's they receive are unsuitable for the vacancy. Amity Solutions can do this job for you while you focus on your core recruitment activities.
  At Amity, our CV screening specialists with specific domain expertise will go through all the CV's for relevance to the job specification. Unlike automated screening tools, our CV screening specialists can both read through the lines and check for non-quantitative attributes.
From basic sorting through to detailed pre-screening including; online application forms, questionnaires & tests, Amity can organise candidates CV's / Resume's in relation to key criteria or can rank them in order of merit.

Outsourcing your CV / Resume-screening requirements to Amity means that we create the short-lists so you can concentrate on doing what's important- managing the right candidate for the right job.
  Job Posting
  Amity constantly aims to remain at the forefront of recruitment intelligence. We are constantly striving to ensure we know all the best places to post advertisements for specific and generic positions and building an extensive library of free but very effective job-posting sources. This knowledge gives our clients the ability to get the most from their Job Posting in both financial and candidate-quality terms.

Amity's researchers are trained to craft candidate-orientated advertisements out of job specifications and performance is constantly reviewed in order to get the optimum applicant response.
  By outsourcing these functions, Recruiter's are able to dedicate more time to core-competencies such as Candidate and Hiring Manager interaction and other high value Consultative activities.







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