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Amity Solutions offers a wide range of insudtry-accepted system integration servies and project developments through our skilled and industry-certified professionals to meet the demands of latest technological challenges of our customers.

Amity Solutions proven, repeatable solutions consists of three phases.

Phase I - Architecture, Design & Signoff
Phase II - Setup, Build and Test
Phase III - Pilot, UAT and deployment

Phase I - Architecture, Design & Signoff

The onsite team will interact with the Client staff in design of the database Prepare and review acceptance criteria document internally.

1. Detailed design will be done for all the functions with the help of the client staff and signed     off at the end of the phase.
2. Performance requirements and perceived bottlenecks for the proposed system will be     documented.
3. Acceptance criteria of the system to be delivered will be prepared.
4. Perform acceptance
5. Detailed design will consist of:
    - Define/Refine standards
    - Determine/Design details of operating environment
    - Confirm the functional design document
    - Develop physical database design
    - Review of the design documents by client staff
6. User-Interface Design
    The User-Interface design will be confirmed and signed-off. At the end of (Phase 1) this     on-site visit, the Project Leader will:
    - Obtain client sign-off for the above-mentioned activities
    - Obtain sign-off on acceptance criteria document
    - Re-validate the proposal based on the findings of this Phase

Phase II - Setup, Build and Test

The application details will be worked out. Logic of each functionality, interaction between client and server, web server and business objects, batch processes etc. will be defined, in detail.

- The database schema and table layouts will be defined.
- Preparation of Unit test plan for the software modules.
- Obtain client sign-off for the above-mentioned activities.

Build, Test & Deliver:

- Generate test database
- Put configuration management in place.
- All the components of the system will be built and validated.
- Group code walk through
- All the components of business objects will be built and validated.
- The entire database server components will be built and validated.
- Conduct independent unit test.
- Fix defects found in unit test.
- Successive as-is-ready components will be integrated into mini-versions of the final system.
- System integration testing is done after the unit testing of all the software modules is done    and has met the - criteria of the overall system.
- Prepare for integration testing
- Carry out integration testing.
- Fix defects during Integration testing.
- The final system will be delivered to client along with necessary documentation.

Phase III - Pilot, UAT and deployment

The onsite coordinator with one analyst Offsite will be available during this phase to support acceptance, deployment and training.

Acceptance test of the software
- Participate in acceptance
- Help Client do acceptance testing

- Prepare for installation
- Replicate software on designated platforms
- Perform trial installation
- Deliver software

Deployment of the software
Training of the Client IS personnel
Obtain acceptance sign-off from Client.




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