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Below is a partial list of projects undertaken at Amity Solutions..


Expert Email Management : This is a complete, high-volume email communication system that integrates with the existing mail architecture and database. It is an automatic email response application that analyzes the contents of incoming mails, compares them with previously posted questions, and then designs the response to be given after searching the database. The solution also enables creation and delivery of personalized messages, sending customized and bulk mails etc.

  E-Tendering : E-Tendering is a solution that automates the entire cycle of tender process and targets the government and corporate sector specifically. The automation of the entire tendering process, from the first stage of advertising the tender, through the phases of accepting the submissions and the analysis phase, through the decision phase to the final stages of distribution as a part of the final product design and architecture. All the purchasers and suppliers fall in the scope of this automation cycle and eliminate the need for unnecessary paper work and wastage of time in manually searching traditional forms of documentation.
  Digital Delivery System (DDS) : DDS is a solution for all electronic and dynamic presentation of documents, bills, invoices, statements, quotations and related information sent by a company to its customers, and the corresponding payment by them to the company.
  Dynamic Web Portal : Dynamic Web Portal is an architecture that serves as a Gateway of Information to educational Institutes. Automation of all the internal processes of the educational institutes (the Intranet component) with the relevant connectivity to the outside world (the Web enabled component) with a specific focus on controlling all aspects of the site by providing the Dynamic content management, Online Security Management, Backup Manager Facilities is well defined in the architecture. These facilities are offered through very simple and user-friendly screens with the relevant help available online with our specialist web design skills or web authoring software.
  Document Management System : Document Management System is the conversion of paper documents into electronic Format on your computer. Once on your desktop, these documents can be retrieved effortlessly in seconds. Every organisation generates large amounts of paper and electronic documents. Traditional methods of storing paper and electronic records require a great deal of effort to manage, distribute and find those documents. As the number of files grows, the time and effort required to manage them also increases. Document Management System revolutionizes the archival of information and provides the means to rapidly find, retrieve and share all documents in your system.



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