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For dictation to be reliable and truly powerful, it must adjust to the needs of the user. Capturing voice recording must become as simple and transparent to the speaker as possible. Technically complex processes need to be hidden behind a friendly interface.

At Amity, we recognize that not everyone works the same way or in the same working environment. Therefore, we integrate multiple methods of dictation within our comprehensive transcription service. We recognize that this is the first step in ensuring overall quality of recording information.

Voice data is easily captured via telephone from home, office, or cell phone. All you need are your Access Code, your Account number, and your assigned toll-free number. Voice prompts quickly walk you through the recording process. Our telephonic dictation system handles voice recording, file encryption and compression. The voice files are then automatically submitted for transcription processing and delivery.

Key Features

• Direct 800 phone number.
• Available 24/7.
• No busy tones.
• Interface optimized for easy dictation and additional dictation features.

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